Power of Carbonation

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The Natural®

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

There’s a reason Chem-Dry will be able to procure excellent final results in terms of providing you the best carpet cleaning experience. Our company makes use of a solution that you simply won’t find anywhere else that we have termed ‘The Natural®’ since it's so safe for the home and made with ingredients which are totally, well, natural. You won’t discover any trace of unhealthy chemical substances or soaps in our excellent carpet cleaning solution, and you also won’t track down superior carpet cleaning outcomes, no matter how hard you search. Setup your visit right now and you’ll be stunned at how unbelievably clean your carpets will be after you make use of our ground-breaking solution!

Out-Doing Steam Cleaning

Power of Carbonation

The usual technique for carpet cleaning is to use a steam cleaning strategy. This works by first flooding your carpets with a great deal of water and soap, followed by extreme suction practices in an effort to draw up as much of the water as possible. You’re commonly left with a superficial clean where unattractive stains and spots are likely to re-emerge after the carpet dries, which may take two to three days. By employing carbonation as a part of our solution we’re able to eliminate large amounts of soapy water altogether, and instead your carpet fibers are naturally scrubbed by countless tiny bubbles. Rather than driving stains down merely to re-emerge down the road, they're eradicated completely. Additionally, because our technique uses far less water, your carpets will dry in just two to three hours instead of days. When you experience the Chem-Dry approach you’ll never, ever wish to go back!

Healthy Carpet Cleaning

Since you won't find chemicals or detergents within our formula you can expect exceptionally healthy results. You don’t need to worry about any residue remaining in your carpet. Your children and pets can engage with your carpet without you having to worry about what was left behind or if there’s anything there that will harm them. In terms of supplying you with the cleanest and healthiest carpet cleaning process we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait any longer; setup your appointment today and experience carpet cleaning results like never before!