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Upholstery Cleaning

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Steven's Chem-Dry provides some of the best Rockville MD upholstery cleaning, and we're proud of that fact. In the home, furniture gets used on a daily basis, so it is no surprise that over time it can become filthy. We recommend upholstery cleaning on a regular basis every 12-18 months to ensure your home stays clean and healthy. Furniture is central to the look and feel of any home, and we assure you that we'll treat yours with the care it's warranted. We want you to be satisfied with your furniture, and when you choose Steven's Chem-Dry you can feel confident that you'll get the results you want.

One of a Kind Process

A good deal of research and development has gone into Chem-Dry's upholstery cleaning formula. Today we offer a product that gets you results that you can't find anywhere else. Our upholstery cleaning process is so effective because we rely on the natural and incredible power of carbonation to gently extract the dirt and grime right out of your furniture. This method allows for the use of far less water, so your furniture will be back in commission in no time. You won't regret choosing Steven's Chem-Dry for regular cleaning of your upholstery.

Healthier is Always Better

It doesn’t end with great customer service, or even superior cleaning results. Our formula is unique because it doesn’t rely on any heavy soaps or detergents. This means we remove all the muck without leaving behind unhealthy contaminants, making your furniture, and your home, a much healthier place to live. Steven's Chem-Dry is dedicated to not only giving you the best results on the market, but also the healthiest results when it comes to Rockville MD upholstery cleaning.

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